We have been organising Krakow Entertainment since the year 2000. Our Krakow City Center Shooting Range is the closest from the main square in Krakow only 15 minutes away with our transport. We have prepared packages for groups based on our experience and each package have glock and AK47 kalashnikov as these guns are a must to shoot with and we are sure that every soldier will tell you the same.

We also organize Private Krakow Tours to Auschwitz Salt Mines and Zakopane and Krakow Airport Transfers

Opening Hours:

Every shooting at our range needs to be booked as early as possible before the day of shooting. Preferably a few weeks/days before.

You can book shooting at our range as a package with our pick up and drop of at your Hostel/Hotel/Apartment.

Monday to Sunday pick up usually is between 11:40 am and 18:00 pm

Shooting on Saturday and Sunday needs to be booked the latest at Friday. But preferably weeks before as weekends are extremely busy.

The range offers to the customers 6 stations divided by special curtains that prevent the empty bullets from flying from one station to the other. Every Station has a table for the gun and ammunition. The targets are moved by a special system that can adjust the distance of the target to your needs. The halogen lamps are installed on a few distances: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m. The ventilation systems work perfect even when a big group is shooting intensively. Krakow Shooting Academy